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Preventative Maintenance Guide Pt. 2

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Preventative Maintenance Guide Pt. 2

6. Replace Your Cabin Air Filter

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to keep your car comfortable and feeling like new inside. Most vehicles make the cabin air filter easily accessible and replacing it is as easy as opening a box. You can get a fitting filter at any auto parts store. It may not be critical to the performance of your vehicle, but it is a simple way to keep the inside of your car and all of your drives much more pleasant.

7. Replace Your Engine Air Filter

Getting to the engine air filter may be a little trickier depending on the vehicle you have, but replacing it regularly is important. Your owner’s manual will give you a mileage estimate for how frequently you should replace your engine air filter, but this will be drastically different for each vehicle depending on the environment it is driven in. Heavy pollen and dust in the Sierra’s can clog a filter pretty quickly, we’ve learned. This filter can play a big role in the performance of your vehicle’s engine, as well as your fuel mileage, so it’s important to make sure it’s clean.

8. Get Your Tires Rotated

Your manual will let you know when the best time to do this is. This is a simple task that can add tremendous amounts of life to your vehicle’s tires while also improving the handling of your vehicle. You want to make sure all 4 tires are wearing evenly. If a tire seems to be wearing more on one side or in one specific area, you may also need to get your vehicle aligned.

9. Change Your Spark Plugs

We keep saying it, but you can find the best time to do this in your owner’s manual. Old spark plugs can gather build-up from combustion within the motor or can stop working entirely. This hinder’s the efficiency of your motor and can drastically hurt your fuel mileage. Even worse, it can lead to serious engine failure if it goes on for too long.

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