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Top 4 Winter Car Care Tips

Winter Driving

Top 4 Winter Car Care Tips

4 Winter Car Care Tips

Well, it seems like Winter is back! Is your car ready? Check out these 4 tips to keep you safe and prepared for whatever the weather may bring.

Tire Pressure:

Did you know…

1) Tires lose 1 pound of pressure for 10 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature drops.

2) An underinflated tire will not “bite” through snow down to the pavement as well as one at pressure. Just like hydroplaning on water, an under-inflated tire has a much higher chance of conforming to the snow/slush/water you are driving over rather than pushing through it and grabbing the pavement below.

Also, be sure to put the valve caps back on when you’re done. If moisture enters the valve, it can freeze and crack the core, thus letting air out.

Check your battery:

So you may need our help on this one but it’s certainly worth it. The severely low temps we see here in Truckee throughout the Winter can really put a lot of stress on your vehicle’s battery.

Nobody deserves that sinking feeling when you hop in your car in the morning, turn the key, and hear nothing. A simple load-test on your battery can let you know if you’re set to make it through another season or if it’s time for a replacement. It’s always better when the replacement happens on your terms, rather than being at the mercy of a tow truck.

Replace Your Old Wipers:

This one seems like a given, right? Well there is actually more to it than just replacing the wipers. It is important to replace them with the right type of wipers as well.

The new “beam blade” style of wipers can really make a difference when the snow starts to fall. In this newer style of wipers, there is not an external spring. This prevents the wiper from freezing up and losing mobility.

Wax Your Lights:

Often overlooked is just how important the lights on your vehicle can be when the weather gets treacherous. From your emergency flashers to your headlights, everything needs to be running optimally in order to be as safe as possible in the snow, ice, and fog.

By waxing your lights you can greatly reduce the amount of ice, snow, and grime buildup from forming on them. This technique also helps protect them and makes cleaning them a breeze.


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