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Top 4 Winter Car Care Tips

Top 4 Winter Car Care Tips

Top 4 Winter Car Care Tips 4 Winter Car Care Tips Well, it seems like Winter is back! Is your car ready? Check out these 4 tips to keep you safe and prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Tire Pressure: Did you know… 1) Tires lose 1 pound of pressure for 10 degrees Fahrenheit the temperature drops. 2) An underinflated tire will not “bite” through snow down to the pavement as well as one at pressure. Just like hydroplaning on water, an under-inflated tire has a much higher chance of conforming to the snow/slush/water you are driving over rather than pushing through it and grabbing the pavement below. Also, be sure to put the valve caps back on when you’re done. If moisture enters the valve, it can freeze and crack the core, thus letting air out. Check your battery: So you may need our help on this one but it’s certainly worth it. The severely low temps we see here in Truckee throughout the Winter can r ... read more

12 Resolutions for Your Car

12 Resolutions for Your Car This year (and hopefully years following!), make sure you are routinely taking steps to keep your car happy and healthy so it continues to be safe and reliable for your family and you can avoid possible breakdowns or costly repairs down the road. Follow these 12 simple steps to make your car last a lifetime and be less likely to run across emergency repairs. 1. Check tire pressure often Tire pressure will fluctuate when temperature fluctuates, so it’s good to check it throughout the year. Plus, if you have a leak you will be the first to know about it. 2. Have your brakes checked when you get your tires rotated Warn brakes can be hazardous to your health and the health of other drivers, plus they make your car very unsafe to drive. Have your brakes checked any time you notice unusual behavior as well. 3. Visibility is important For the safety of you and other drivers around you, it is important ... read more

Why Coolant Matters

Why Coolant Matters Why Your Radiator and Engine Cooling System are Vital The moving parts of your engine create huge amount of friction, and where there is friction, there is heat. To reduce the damage to your engine and vehicle by this heat, your car’s cooling system sends coolant (a mix of water and antifreeze) through the engine chambers to absorb all that extra heat, which the radiator removes to allow the coolant to continue circulating. This process keeps temperatures at safe levels, and it protects your engine from damage. A well-maintained cooling system is key to keeping your car running newer, stronger and longer. But why does coolant need changing? Your vehicle’s cooling system works a lot harder than you might think. In perfect unison, it has to keep the incredibly high temperatures of the engine from overheating, direct some of that heat to the heater core which is used to warm the interior of your vehicle, and remove the excess th ... read more

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